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Thursday 28th May 2015
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During the 1st National Meeting of the Polish Nursing Association and the Nursing Section of
the Medical Professionals Trade Union in 1957, the demand to establish higher educational studies in nursing was formulated. In 1959 the Ministry of Health and Welfare called for a Policy Committee for Establishing Higher Educational Studies in Nursing. The Faculty of Nursing was established on June 23, 1978. The new Faculty had four departments:

• Department of Nursing Education,
• Department of Social Nursing,
• Department of Nurse’s Work Organisation,
• Department of Clinical Nursing and Rehabilitation.

From 1979–1984 the Faculty provided threeyear supplementary courses for non-resident graduates of vocational medical schools. In 1982 the first diplomas were awarded. In 1996 a five-year course for part-time students was introduced. In 2001 the Faculty of Nursing was renamed the Faculty of Public Health. In 2008 the Faculty of Public Health was renamed the Faculty of Health Science.
Since 2005 no new enrolments have been accepted. The Faculty of Health Science currently conducts courses in: nursing, obstetrics, physiotherapy, public health and emergency medicine.